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Favorite things of 2009

Last year (or two years ago, can’t remember) I wrote a list of my favorite things.

It’s been on my mind for the last few days, and I thought that I ought to blog about it since clearly I have such a large fan base who want to know what my favorite things are (much like Oprah).

Here we go in no particular order.

1. iPhone 3GS

My original iPhone changed my life.  It changed the way I approached work, home life, church life, etc.  When I saw the ads about the 3GS I could not wait to get it.  It was timed perfectly with my 2 year contract expiring with Att.  This allowed me to take advantage of the full subsidized price f0r the phone.  By the way At&t would make my list of my least favorite things about 2009.  Seriously, I just want to make a call?

2. Cycling

2009 was my year of change health wise.  What started as a curiosity, as turned into an obsession.  I went about 1,700 miles in 2009.  I’ve set a goal of 3k miles for 2010.  I did dabble a bit with Mountain Biking.  I have an older bike that does the job.  I really enjoyed the trail that I rode this year.  However, when i have a few hours on Saturday, I always reach for my road bike.

3. Subway

I would dare not count how many inches of “roasted chicken breast on wheat” I ate this year.  Being that it is on the $5.00 foot long menu, a work buddy and me would split it and get 2 water cups (one cup and 2 straws just seemed to gay).  This would turn out to be about $2.60 a piece for a fairly hardy, and healthy lunch.  I pretty much ate this for lunch during the week days most the year.  (lettuce, olives, jalapeno, a bit of lite mayo…mmm, mmm, good)

4. Garmin 205

I wanted a better cycling computer for my bike, but did not have a very big budget.  The Garmin 205 fit the bill perfect.  I went back and forth on this as I already had an iPhone with GPS and a multitude of cycling apps, but in the end, I knew that I would never be fully comfortable with my precious sitting out in the weather, and sweat on my bike.  Plus it’s not water proof, or crash proof.  I would have loved to get one of the better models that Garmin puts out for cyclists, but felt weird about spending more than I spent on my bike.  I have become a Garmin fan however, as they sponsor a pro team, and are committed to cycling.  Way to go!

5. Pro Cycling

I started watching Pro cycling a bit as I wanted to learn more about the sport, and bikes, and gear, etc.  By the time the Tour de France rolled around in July, I was a full-fledged fan.  I’ve always been a fan of Lance, but after a year of following the sport, I’ve developed others that I cheer for aswell.  George Hincapie, Mark Cavendish, Levi Leiphimer, Cris Horner, the Shliek Brothers, t0 name a few.

6. Social Media

Been fairly active with Facebook and Twitter.  Both me personally and for work.  Its been entertaining to say the least

7. Fat Cyclist

What a journey his blog has been.  If you have not check it out, click the link in my blog roll.  I started following his blog earlier in the year.  He is an extremely entertaining writer, an incredible fundraiser for Livestrong.  He has done everything from losing his wife to Breast Cancer, to riding with Lance at the Team Radio Shack training camp.  Awesome.

8. Church

I got released from my church calling last sunday, which was the last sunday of the year.  I have taught the Gospel Essentials class for the last 3 years.  It has been an incredible journey.  I have not had a calling in my adult life that I have enjoyed more than teaching that class.  Such great experiences, and memories.  That will be tough to beat in ’10.

Ok, that’s all for now.  Mostly because the o button does not work very well on my laptop, so I am getting more and more frustrated with having to retype words with  o in it.

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What the?

My office at SunRiver has a vantage point.  It overlooks a church parking lot, that would otherwise be concealed to onlookers.  Understand that this parking lot is within the closed retirement community.  I, from time to time, see people acting quite strange.  I’ve seen arguing couples, dancing exercisers, and a few passionate lovers (mind you this is a 55+ community).  Today as I was leaving the office, I witnessed a disturbing sight.

Let me set the stage for you.  An average looking 60 something lady, had pulled up to the empty parking lot with her golf cart.  SunRiver is a golf cart community, so often the residents will drive their carts instead of cars.  Seated beside her in the cart was her trusty companion, and no doubt dear friend, yellow labrador retriever.  A magnificent looking animal.

As I stood admiring the great beast, I could see the tell-tell sign of a dog needing to do his “business”.  Quickly, the dogs owner ran back to her golf cart to retrieve (no pun intended) a “duty bag“.  My first thought was, “oh good, a responsible dog owner”.  Then, to my horror, the lady took the bag, squatted down, and positioned the plastic bag directly underneath the dogs outbox.  At this point I was frozen with wonder.   I have seen the drop and go, the drop quick look and go, and the usual drop…walk of shame…scoop and go, but never had a seen the pre-drop…scamper…bag hold…nervous drop.  It was an awkward dance.

As I looked at the dog during this ordeal, I swear I saw it look at me, then back at his “owner” in disgust.

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Playing Hooky from Work

So yesterday about 3:00 I got an inkling to enjoy some fantastic Southern Utah weather.  Its been cold and rainy the past week or so, thus the Electric Rose has been collecting dust in the garage.  So, with my work complete for the day, I snuck (or is it sneaked? Curse you Cedar City grammar classes!) out of the office, and headed home to spandex up (thats right folks, a large man in spandex is a wonderful thing) and hit the road.

The natural risk, of course, is running into “the boss” while you’re out and about.  I say this due to past experience with both things:

1. Sneaking away from work early

2. Running into the boss

Most notably  was when I was 18ish and worked for a door company.  Being far to “sick” to work that day, and naturally seeking out some sunshine at the lake on a boat, I called in to work with my best sick voice, and told them that it would be impossible for me to work that day due to my serious illness and that it would be in the best interest for both of us if I just stayed home and tried to fend off this horrible sickness.  After a short congratulations to myself for conjuring up such a great sick-voice, I jumped into my vehicle of lies and headed towards the freeway.  As I was merrily going on my way, I happened to glance to my left out my driver side window.  There, driving parallel to me, was my boss.  Franticly, I tried to think of what to do. Do I hit the brakes? or maybe speed up?  It did not appear that he had noticed me yet, so with my best sick-voice now translated to my best sick-face, I attempted to appear as if I was so sick, I clearly must be driving myself right to the hospital, or maybe straight to the morgue to pick out my burial plot, as the sickness was so severe that it might take my life.

The next day, I showed up a few minutes early to work to show how good of an employee I was, my boss didn’t say anything.  Did he not see me?  Was he just torturing me to see if i’d break?  Its still a mystery to this day.

Yesterday, as I was racing down the rode on the electric rose, and noticed my boss on the same trail walking his dog, I figured I had two choices.  I can go as fast as I can, and hope he doesn’t notice me, or I can fess up that I couldn’t possibly stand to stay at work on such s beautiful day (obviously he felt the same way due to his being there and walking his dog) and that if I was to continue being the creative genius that he is paying good money for, he should congratulate me on making such a wise business decision on taking advantage of the weather to “clear my head”.  I decided to go for choice 2.  Mostly, because a large man in brightly colored spandex riding a electric rose colored bike (ok its pink), is kind of like not noticing that a 747 just buzzed you.

As I walked into the office this morning, few minutes early to show how good of an employee I was, I did not notice a pink slip or empty boxes on my desk, so for now I think I’m safe.  Of course the day is young.  And its a beautiful sunshiny dixie day.  Maybe Ill sneak out early and go for a ride?

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Playing through the pain

On Saturday Alisha and I sat down to watch the Laker – Jazz game.  We did this with full knowledge of the pain and sadness that usually accompanies this match up.  Usally Kobe has a way of breakdancing his way down the court and making the Jazz look like the top high school team from Garfield County.

I had heard that Kobe had broken his finger in the previous nights game, but would “play through the pain” instead of healing up his finger.  Little did I know that we would be honored to see so many angished shots of Mr. Bryant during the telecast.

I know what must have been going through his mind at this moment.  Micheal Jordans still renowned game where he “played through the pain”.  It was game 5 of the 1997 finals, Jordan or “His Airness” (is how he likes to be referred as) was near on the verge of losing the upper hand in the series, when Mr. Air (for short) came down with an aweful sickness. So much so that he needed to be helped to and from the bench in order to “save” the Bulls from defeat.

This reminds me of another elite athlete of our generation, and his sacrafice of self to save the team from defeat.

Coach Klein, after giving a pep talk to the team about how they did this together as a team, and that they can win as a team, turns to Bobby and says “You’re the only one that can win this game for us”.  I wonder if Phil Jackson takes the same approach with his star players as Coach Klein?

Much to our surprise the Jazz were able to put together a full game, and were miraculously victorious.  And while they may not be going to the finals this year, at least its good to see that they are able to pull together as a team.

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I really cant think of many more things that scare me than a gas leak within my home.  We’ve all seen the devastation that these leaks can cause if handled wrong.  Beyond our own safety, I think all of us have been adversely affected by a cut utility line.  Phone, power, gas, water all of which we take for granted every day, none of which I want to live without for even an hour.

The past few weeks I have had an opportunity to work with a company on a new idea to solve all of that.  Let me introduce “Identifill”.  Basically they have patented the idea of colored sand to be used as fill for a utility line.  So when a excavator, utility company or homeowner is digging in an unknown area, they hit this colored sand before they hit the utility line.  Yellow for gas.  Red for electricity.  Blue for water.  Orange for telecommunications.  Purple for secondary water. The fill sand is fade free, non toxic and environmentally friendly.

But wait, what about Blue Stakes!  Don’t they already do this.  The answer is, kind-of.  Blue stakes certainly has helped tremendously throughout the years, and they certainly aren’t saying to do away with blue stakes.  But the problem with the current system is that people either don’t call blue stakes, or blue stakes are off by a few meters in their guess of where the utility line.  Unfortunately for the excavator or utility company, the guy in the backhoe does not know the line is close until its to late.

With Identifill, the operator sees the color a scoop or two before its too late.  Saving the utility millions in repairs, to say nothing of injuries and lives.

In the next few weeks, Identifill will be officially rolled out to the public.  But since I am working on the marketing, I thought I would give you a little sneak peek.

Identifill Logo

Side Image Blue

Blue Sand Fill

Yellow Identifill

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Episode 4: Living Young with Dot

Episode 4 of our viral video series

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Episode 3: Living Young with Dot

Episode 3 of our viral video series

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Episode 2: Living Young with Dot

Episode 2 of our Viral Video Series

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Episode 1: Living Young with Dot

This is a viral video campaign we have been working on. Enjoy!

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